Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 Health & Safety Awards

The 45th annual Health and Safety Awards function was held at the Durban Country Club on Friday evening 24 October 2008. More than two hundred delegates attended the function and witnessed how the MBA paid tribute to its members, who excelled in the 2008 OHS competition.

The recipients were praised for their adherence to health and safety. This was made even more noteworthy, when one considers the pressures under which construction companies are currently working. Some 50 sites entered into the 2008 regional OHS competition and as there was only a small window of opportunity during which the sites could be judged (when work is usually at peak), the number of entries was extremely gratifying.

The standards were extremely high, when one takes into account the fact that the sites were scrupulously audited on more than 20 different elements. These included administrative and legal requirements, training, public safety, PPE, housekeeping, scaffolding, electrical safeguarding, plant and machinery, excavations, transport and material handling to name but a few.

Our Members came through with flying colours this year - no less than 8 entries received the presidential award for scoring more than 95% and came first in their respective categories in the National OHS competition.

2008 Regional Competition Results

Safety Person of the Year:

Grinaker LTA- Building East - Martin Deporis Joseph

Plant yard:

1. Grinaker-LTA - Plant Yard (Presidential Award) (10/4 years) (1st Nat)(Best)
2. Stefanutti Stocks KZN - Plant Yard (Presidential Award)
3. WBHO - Plant Yard

Highly Commended:
Reed Simpson Construction – Plant Yard

Contracts over R500M:

1. Group 5/WBHO/Pandev J.V. – Moses Mabhida Soccer Stadium (1st Nat)
2. Group/WBHO J.V. – King Shaka Airport

Contracts R200-R500M:

1. Grinaker-LTA Building East/Enza J.V. – Bridge City Mall (Pres) (Scaff) (KDBA) (1st Nat)
2. Grinaker-LTA Building East – Westwood Shopping Centre

Contracts R120- 200M:

1. Stefanutti Stocks – Liberty Life Offices (Presidential Award) (1st Nationals)
2. Basil Read – Abour Town
3. Giuricich Bros Construction - Oyster Box Hotel

Contracts R50-R120M:

1. Giuricich Coastal Projects – Toyota Showroom, Shelly Beach (2nd Nationals)
2. Reed Simpson Construction – Rob Roy Lifestyle Village Site
3. Stedone Mechanicos Building – St George Street Renaissance

Highly Commended:
Stefanutti Stocks – The Link

Contracts R20-R50M:

1. J.T. Ross Construction – The Glass House (3rd Nationals)
2. Stefanutti Stocks – Pang Bourne Phase II
3. Grinaker-LTA Building East - IMBONINI

Highly Commended:
Stefanutti Stocks – IL Palazzo
Grinaker Building East - Mondi
NMC – City Couriers
NMC – Laser Durban

Contracts R5-R20M:

1. Stefanutti Stocks – Gotlieb RHV (Presidential Award) (1st Nationals)

Contracts under R5M:

1. Patcon Building- Engen Refinery Site (Presidential Award) (1st Nat) (7/4 Year)

Highly Commended:
Stefanutti Stocks – Toyota Assembly Hall - Canteen

Allied Trades:

1. Formscaff - Westmead Yard 0041 (Presidential Award) (1st Nationals)


1. Steeldale Reinforcing – Westmead Factory (1st Nationals)


1. Group 5/ WBHO J.V - Hulamin Expansion (Presidential Award)
2. Stefanutti Stocks - Khangela Bridge
3. Stefanutti Stocks – Phase V Expansion Project RBCT

Highly Commended:
WBHO – Ethekwini Water Pipe Replacement

OHS Consultant Award:

C&M Safety Consultants

Client Award:

Umgeni Water – South Coast Project

Designer Award:

BAU Architects – Arbour Crossing Value Centre

Committee Members Special Award:

Stefanutti Stocks - Siven Naidoo


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