Friday, October 3, 2008

Member Specials - Save 12% on your Cell Phone Costs

The MBA has negotiated a fantastic discount with MTN. The offer is open to all MBA members, their staff and their immediate family.

The Offer (New Subscribers):
  • FREE Caller Line Identity
  • FREE Itemised Billing
  • FREE Sim Card & Connection
  • 12% Discount off ALL of MTN's new and simplified Price Plans
  • It's as simple as 1 | 2 | 3 - Pick your Phone | Pick your Airtime | Pick your Extras
  • Applies to Voice and Data Contracts
The Offer (Existing MTN Service Provider Subscribers):
  • We can convert your existing contract so that you can immediately take advantage of the 12% discount.
  • Conversion is simple and quick
  • You keep your same Sim Card and Cell number
The Offer (Existing MTN Contract through another service provider e.g. Nashua Mobile)
  • We can convert your existing contract
  • You will have to find out what the cancellation costs will be with your existing service provider
  • Conversion takes a bit longer
  • You keep your same Cell Number, but will be given a new Sim Card.
The Process:
  • Contact Elishya on 031 277 7070 or for more information, to convert your existing contract, or to sign up for a new contract.
  • Elishya is based in the reception area at the KZN MBA building in Westville and has been trained by MTN to offer all MTN products and services.
  • She will guide you through the process, in person or over the phone.
  • You can then elect to collect the phone from Elishya or have it delivered straight to you per courier (anywhere in KZN).


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