Friday, November 28, 2008

Consumer Complaints about MBA Members

We are entering an age of savvy consumers who are increasingly demanding satisfactory service, and who know what to do when they don't receive it. Legislation (such as the Consumer Protection Act) and other mechanisms are also coming to light and the purveyors of shoddy products had better beware! Remedial action and reimbursement can be expensive, and damage to reputation even more so.

The building industry is no different and contractors are under tremendous pressure to deliver quality workmanship, and to fix matters quickly and effectively when something does go wrong. And rightly so.

92% of members have indicated that membership of the KZN Master Builders' Association gives them credibility with clients and potential clients. This is good news from a group marketing point of view. It also means that the Association has to vigilantly guard this perception and the collective reputation of its members.

When a complaint about a member is received, the Association will investigate the matter. Prompt co-operation from the member in question is required in order that the consumer's unhappiness does not escalate. If the workmanship, or any other conduct, is found to be below standard, the member will be expected to rectify the matter. Failure to co-operate will result in the disciplinary process being invoked, which may in turn lead to expulsion.

This vigilance is needed for the benefit of the membership as a whole. If left unaddressed or unresolved, complaints about members will result in ALL members' reputations being tarnished, and that needs to be avoided. Happy clients ultimately mean happy members.


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