Monday, November 24, 2008

Master Builders Fishing Day 2008

A wonderful time was had by those who attended the annual fishing day on Saturday the 15th November 2008. Our chartered boat, a 40 foot Rodman set off on a glorious morning from Wilson's Wharf, Durban harbour at 5am but when we got to open sea we found ourselves in the teeth of a 15 knot wind with the sea “on its head”.

While steaming South to 'Toti where the best fishing spots are some of the party were at odds with the motion of the boat. Our Chairman discovered that he was not the seasoned sailor that he thought he was! Fishing was confined to bottom fishing with some really nice slingers and reds being caught. Unfortunately fishing was hampered by weather conditions preventing proper anchoring of the boat.

We enjoyed a really fabulous lunch as Charlie Crofts where everyone tucked into our catch which was prepared for us by the chef.

First prize was won by Trevor Brookes of JT Ross for the 5kg “Sweetlips” he caught. Dudley Chihota from Grinaker won the second prize for being the most enthusiastic fisherman on board and Kiran Haemraj won the “Wally of the Day” award for his serious lapse of common sense - he puked INTO the wind!

Thanks go to our skipper and deckhand Davey and Andy for being so obliging and capable. Thanks also to Michelle for her great organisation of the day.

Bruce Lyle
Membership Services Manager



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