Friday, January 23, 2009

CIDB Gradings - Anonymous Fraud Hotline

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The CIDB was established inter alia for the purpose of establishing a Register of Contractors who are graded for the purpose of determining their performance capability. Only CIDB registered contractors may tender for public sector construction contracts. The purpose of this is to mitigate the risk in awarding contracts for public sector work to contractors who are not capable of carrying out the work.

Following numerous complaints about irregular gradings the CIDB has finally begun a process of identifying corrupt contractors and CIDB officials. The culprit contractors now face suspension for varying fixed periods.

This means that they will be disqualified from obtaining public sector contracts during the suspension period. In addition their names are to be published not only in the Government Gazette but also on the CIDB’s website. A number of officials have also been successfully prosecuted and others face dismissal. Investigations are continuing which hopefully will continue to bear fruit.

An Anonymous Fraud Hotline (0800 112 452) has been set up and members are encouraged to make use of this.

A list of the culprits is available on the CIDB website and a recent Media Statement by the CIDB on this issue can be found here.

Bruce Lyle
Membership Services Manager


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