Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10 reasons to join the Kwazulu Natal Master Builders Association

The Kwazulu Natal Master Builders Association is a registered Employers Organisation that Acts for and on behalf of it's Members. Established in 1901, the Association has almost 600 Members. The Associations Head Office is in Westville (Durban) and it has divisional offices in Zululand, the Midlands and the South Coast.

The Association has a strong senior Management team and a staff complement of almost 60, which allows it to offer the following specialist services to it's Members.

1. Promote your Business
The user friendly, 'Find a Builder' module on our new Website (Launching May 2008), will significantly enhance the Associations capacity to promote it's Members to the Public and also to other Members. Members are also entitled to use the Kwazulu Natal Master Builders logo on their corporate stationery.

2. Health & Safety Consulting and Auditing
Free Health & Safety advice and assistance to members as well as advanced, professional paid health and safety consulting services for all clients in the construction industry (Discounts apply for members).

3. Contractual & Legal Advice
Professional quality advice and assistance for members on contractual, regulatory and building related legal issues that they may encounter

4. Access to Information
Electronic and printed circulars, bulletins and an effective website are all used to ensure that members are kept up to date on matters affecting the efficient and profitable running of their businesses.

5. Employee Benefits Schemes
The Associations raft of employee benefits encompasses Holiday Pay provisions, Provident and Pension Funds and Insured Benefits all at cost effective rates.

6. Rebates and Preferential Deals
The Association is party to a number of commercial relationships which allow it to obtain discounts on certain products and services which are passed onto members for their benefit.

7. Exhibition and Advertising
We have an on-site exhibition centre in Westville and a range of opportunities for suppliers of building products and services to advertise through our channels.

8. Networking Opportunities
The Association arranges many formal and informal meetings, events and functions throughout the year. This is an ideal opportunity to Network with colleagues in the Industry. Our new Online Forum will allow you the freedom to Network at a time and place which is convenient to you.

9. Lobbying
The Kwazulu Natal Master Builders Association is one of many autonomous Master Builders Associations in South Africa. Master Builders South Africa acts for and on behalf of these Associations and one of it's prime functions is to engage and lobby high level stake holders in Industry and Government, on matters affecting it's Members.

10. Training
The Association has just appointed a Training Manager, whose first order of business is to conduct a skills audit amongst Members, with a view to identify current and future training needs. In addition, advice and assistance with all aspects of training is available to members.

If you would like to find out more about any of the services mentioned above, or would like to find out how to become a Member of the Kwazulu Natal Master Builders Association, please contact the Association on 031-266 7070.

Gary Amstutz
Commercial and Online Manager


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