Monday, March 23, 2009

Cybercrime - A Silent Threat

Cybercrime, very simply put, is criminal activity that involves the use of a computer. Other known terms for it include computer crime, e-crime, hi-tech crime and electronic crime.

With IT infrastructure being imperative to modern business, computer crime is a silent threat, capable of ruinous consequences. A Study titled “Unsecured Economics: Protecting Vital Information,” led by McAfee Inc. revealed that companies lost an estimated $4.6 billion in intellectual property last year.

Cybercrime activity, is monitored closely by a group who call themselves Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC). They are a non-governmental, non-profit, scientific research organization which functions on a voluntary basis. Their mission is to research and warn of unlawful acts, involving computer and information technologies.

They communicate their findings via their website where they regularly post news articles under header “Latest Computer Crime News”

For Members in the Durban area wanting to find out more:

On 26 March 2009, the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry in conjunction with The KZN White Collar Crime Task Group will be hosting two presentations, “Internet Banking from a Risk Perspective” followed by “Cybercrime Case Studies.” The guest speakers are Susan Coetsee head of the Commercial Crime Office (SABRIC), and Stephanie Ramsamy of the Forensic Technology Unit KPMG South Africa.

Ernest Roper
Commercial Division


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