Monday, March 9, 2009

New Corporate Identity - Kwazulu Natal Master Builders Association

The Kwazulu Natal Master Builders Association will be launching a new corporate identity at a meeting to be held at its offices in Westville on the 19th May 2009.

We would therefore like to advise Members who are using the existing logo on their corporate stationery (Business Cards, Letterheads etc), Vehicles and Signage, to limit the quantity printed and where possible, to hold off printing new corporate stationery until after the launch. The new logo and brand manual will be made available to all Members on the 19th May 2009 and will also be available on our new website (launching on the same day).

The Association would also like to remind Members that there are certain guidelines in place for using the existing logo. These guidelines are in place for the benefit of all Members as well as the Association and aim to ensure the consistent application of the corporate identity, so that the Master Builders Brand is not diluted.

If you are unsure of the guidelines or would like more information on the launch of our new corporate identity, please contact our marketing department. Unfortunately, we are unable to give distribute advanced copies of the new logo.

Gary Amstutz
Commercial and Online Manager


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