Friday, March 27, 2009

A new Era In Skills Development

At a meeting of the CETA (Construction Education and Training Authority) Council held yesterday in Midrand, a new Council was elected along with a new Executive Committee and new Chairperson.

Gavin Strydom, President of the Master Builders Association of KwaZulu Natal, was elected to chair the CETA for the new term commencing at the beginning of April 2009. Gavin took the opportunity to address the Council and share the vision that he will be applying in this portfolio.

Gavin sees the appointment as an opportunity to bring the Council together and create more cohesion between the various role players. He believes that there were certain unfortunate disagreements and struggles in the past and is striving for total reconciliation at all levels.

He went on to say that employer and employee stakeholders ultimately have the same end-goal, and will benefit from the delivery of the same product - Skills Development. Although the end-goal is the same, the benefits of this delivery to the various stakeholders are different.

Employers benefit because they are able to utilise skilled and qualified people who deliver quality products efficiently and timeously. This in turn means that less resource needs to be wasted on re-working and the risk of delays, along with the financial impact thereof, is mitigated.
From the side of the employee, greater skills delivery provides the employee with a usable qualification which can be used to establish a recognised earning capacity. This in turn gives the employee mobility and translates into the employee developing confidence, earning respect and dignity with the promise of an enhanced standard of living.

Gavin expanded that there would be two overarching areas of focus. The one would be facilitating the actual delivery of appropriate skills to the various stakeholder groupings within CETA. This meas carefully identifying the different needs of the respective role players and ensure that appropriate solutions are provided to take into account differences within the sector. The other aspect is to build on the efforts being made to improve the governance at CETA. Work would have to be done to ensure that no further qualified audits are issued and that all stakeholders are comfortable that governance and the procedural aspects of the running of CETA are at a satisfactory level.

Gavin is looking forward to working with all internal and external stakeholders to make the CETA work for the benefit of all employers and employees in the broader construction industry.

Brandon Abdinor
Executive Director


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