Thursday, April 16, 2009

Regional Health & Safety Competition 2009

Entries are invited from Members and/or FEM Policy holders who wish to compete in the 2009 Regional Health and Safety Competition. The competition is divided into different sections as follows:
  • Contracts, grouped by overall value
  • Plant and Storage Yards
  • Manufacturers
  • Allied Trades
  • Best OHS innovation by a Designer (Nominated by participating Principal Contractor)
  • Client with best commitment to OHS (Nominated by participating Principal Contractor)
  1. Sites must be at a reasonable stage of construction, a minimum of 50% of the applicable audit items must be present.
  2. A self audit, using the MBSA National OHS Audit System, must be conducted prior to the site being entered; sites scoring less than on the self audit 75% may not be entered.
  3. Only one site per category may be entered.
  4. The calculated Disabling Frequency Rate (DIFR) must be available at the start of the judging.
Winning entries scoring in excess of 80% will automatically be entered in the National Safety Competition.

Members may also take the opportunity of having their entries star graded on the National OHS system free of charge.

Sites scoring 91% or more receive 5 stars | (DIFR 1) or less
Sites scoring 75% to 90.9% receive 4 stars | (DIFR 2) or less
Sites scoring 61% to 74.9% receive 3 stars | (DIFR 3) or less
Sites scoring 51% to 60.9% receive 2 stars | (DIFR 4) or less
Sites scoring 40% to 50.9% receive 1 star | (DIFR 5) or less

Entry is free and members wishing to enter are requested to complete and return the attached entry form to the Association, BEFORE 08 MAY 2009.

To Download Entry Form, CLICK HERE

Neels Nortjé
Health and Safety Manager


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