Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taming The PC

When it comes to computers, if you don’t know a function exists, you can’t use it. Useful functions are:

1) Replace

When you need to replace a word which re-occurs many times in a document, for example, a name which is spelled incorrectly, click on Edit/Replace and fill in the word as it presently appears in the document, as well as the name as you want it to appear. Click on “replace all” and note the time you have saved by not having to re-type the name wherever it appears in the document.

2) Format

When you are sent a document which has been formatted by someone else, and you wish to add paragraphs, change the numbering etc, you often find that the embedded formats make the change process difficult.

It is easier to click on Edit/Select all, and then Copy, then open a new word document, then click on Edit/Paste Special/ click on Unformatted Text. Then save this new doc under your chosen name.

3) Buttons

Missing a button? Click on View/Toolbars/Customize/Commands, then in left hand box All Commands. Now in the right hand box click and drag the buttons you need up to the toolbar area at the top of the screen to ensure that the button you need appears there.

Clive Hill
Financial Services Manager


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