Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Focus on Staff: Tanya Leeuw

Tanya Leeuw and Family

Tanya began her work career at ICF (Independent Cutting Forms) initially as their receptionist. She went on to work in various divisions gaining experience in stock management, stock control and Logistics, before serving as personal assistant to the companies Production Manager.

In 2007 she joined Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal and initially worked in the exhibition Centre before successfully applying for a position at The NHBRC Outsource Inspectorate. A year and half later she left the NHBRC to join Gary and Ernest in Associations Commercial and On-Line Division.

Working as a team, members of her new department “champion” specific areas in order to achieve team goals and objectives.

Tanya is the designated “champion” of the following.

Database Content
Offline Advertising
Event Planning
Corporate Social Responsibilities

The Tanya Fact File

Qualified: Health & Safety Representative.
Married to Nicholas and is a mother of 3.
Favorite Pastime:
DVD’s and Family occasions.
All Time Favorite Movie:
Cry Baby (with Johnny Depp).
Favorite Musician or Band:
Enjoys all music except Celine Dion.
Something work colleagues would never have guessed:
Is chairperson to the fund raising committee in her church.
Most outrageous activity ever participated in:
Traveling on motorbikes at outrageously high Speeds.


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