Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Focus on Staff: Chervon van Zyl

Chervon on her wedding day

Chervon Van Zyl: Administration Assistant

Chervon came on board earlier in the year as assistant to the Association’s Administration Manager, Shelly Kupfermann. Her role is assisting Shelly with general administration duties, HR matters, as well as various unique projects, functions and events. One of her many responsibilities, is to inspire and maintain sound business relationships with the Association's members.

Whether or not she’s married, is a bone of contention. Although her and husband Garry clearly recall being star attractions at a wedding ceremony 7 months ago, Home Affairs isn’t quite on the same page. Chervon has total faith in Home Affairs sorting this out quickly and expediently; unwavering optimism is just one of the many vibrant qualities, she brings to the Association.

Chervon Fact File:

Studies: Currently studying Business Administration and computing, specializing in HR.
Favorite Musician or Band: Assault (Supporting Local Music)
All-time Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman
Something work colleagues don’t know: Is an accomplished dancer, modern and ballroom. (Danced for the MEC of arts and culture)
Aspirations: Would like to Study further, travel and have children.
Favorite sport: Swimming
Most Outrageous activity: Nothing too outrageous yet, Skydiving is definitely on the agenda though.
Favorite Pastime: Reading and dancing




Unknown said...

Oh Dear Chervon, you have joined the many and like me I have been "married" for over 6 years but am still single according to Home Affairs as well, and of course my husband according to Home Affairs is still married to his previous wife, even though he has his divorce decree and we have since got married.

Unknown said...

Good day Siobhan
Thank you for writing to me on the blog i really do appreciate it. Its nice to know that i am not alone in this.
What have you tried to do about this. Well i went personally to Home Affairs and they told me they have a back logg i must speak to my pastor.I think they were just lazy and did not want to check on their system.
We should do something about this.