Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Focus on Staff: Elishya Abbu

Elishya Abbu - OHS Co-ordindator

After high school, Elishya relocated to Johannesburg and worked for Carlton Hair International. Upon returning to Durban she joined the associations OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Department.

Her role at the Association up to now has been solely to perform the OHS departments administrative duties, however having recently completed SAMTRAC (entry level Safety Management Training Course) that is about to change. She looks forward to going out to site inspections, and actively pursuing a career in Health and safety.

Fact File:

Family: Mom Dad and son Tyler.
Studies: SAMTRAC
All-time Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Favourite Music: RMB, loves the Black Eyed Peas
Something work colleagues don’t know: Has a tattoo (Ernest is shocked)
Aspirations: To be as well respected in safety circles as her mentor Neels Nortjie, and to one day own her own business.
Favorite sport: Doesn't do sport, has issues stemming back to a high school Volleyball incident.
Most Outrageous Thing: Entered a competition called sisters of spin and had to DJ to a club full of people for an hour. Is convinced that the competition was rigged, as the best girl did not win, she says with a smile.
Most Outlandish: came back after flat lining three times on an operating table (Ern’s floored, and glad to still have her with us)
Favorite Pastime: Cooking, wining and dining, and living life to its fullest.


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