Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Focus on Staff: Kim Durward

Kim (on the right) with Family

Kim Durward - NHBRC Assistant

Kim had worked for both Tiger Brands and MTN before joining Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal in 2007. Her role at the Association is that of assistant to the Outsource Inspectorate, where she is responsible for all administrate duties.

Kim is a proud mother of four, grandmother of one and believes that the secret to looking young is staying out of the sun, not smoking, and keeping well hydrated.

The Kim Fact File:

Studies: Studied Criminology, anthropology, Ethnology and also completed a secretarial course.
Favorite Musician or Band: Likes Celine Deon and all other music that isn’t Metal.
Favorite Movie: at the moment “The Hangover”
Something work colleagues don’t know: Cried while watching the animated movie, “Brother Bear”.
Aspirations: Would like to travel overseas with the family.
Favorite sport: Says she is a talent scout, watches rugby and soccer to view the talent.
Pets: Has a cat named Sox.
Most Outrageous thing ever done: Involved a tattoo artist…will not say more !!!!!!
Favorite Pastime: Enjoys socializing with friends over a braai.


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