Friday, July 10, 2009

In Times Gone By: Amazing Incident 1964

1964 NOSA Awards, left to Right: Pieter Rautenbach, D.Hillary
of Alexander Hamilton (PTY) LTD, A.K Midgley

An amazing incident took place in 1964 which involved a building in Durban now known as Bay Towers. Pieter Rautenbach recalls, “Alexander Hamilton (PTY) LTD had recently won the regional finals in the first ever NOSA Safety Award and subsequently took the national award as well.

A week after the trophy had been presented; I was called to the site because an accident had occurred. A labourer pushing a wheelbarrow went over the side, falling eleven floors down to the street.

The amazing thing was, he suffered relatively minor injuries (he fractured his tibia) and when his co-workers rushed to his aid, they found him stalwartly clutching onto his wheelbarrow.

Pieter relates that the building concerned was originally called ‘Febana’. “There were quite a few red faces when it was learned that Feba translated from Zulu as: ‘to be promiscuous’ and the name was hastily changed to the less original but more acceptable Bay Towers”

Ernest Roper
Commercial & Online Division


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