Friday, July 31, 2009

Protecting The Brand

The true value of a brand; lies in the attributes one associates with it. Our Logo is the symbol by which we are identified and for those who encounter it, it represents a certain expectation.

The Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal brand symbolizes a unique promise of excellence in construction and because improper logo depiction causes brand erosion, guilty parties will be taken to task. It is for this reason we are in the process of documenting our logo usage protocol, and will have it uploaded to, within the next week or so.

On the subject of brand identity…..

Policing ones brand is not unique to us; it has in fact been the focus of several recent newspaper articles, pertaining to Nelson Mandela. It’s reported that marketing experts have warned; the “priceless” Madiba brand, could be open to abuse. It is for this reason that all four major charities linked to him, have signed a code of conduct agreeing not to commercialize his name or image.

Makes one think, doesn’t it :)

Ernest Roper
Commercial & Online Division


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