Thursday, July 9, 2009

Website Tips

Dear Members

Regarding the information in the Find-a-Builder module is based on the data that the Association had on file. This data was largely taken from information contained in your initial application form. Unfortunately, the layout of these forms differed greatly over the years, making it difficult to capture and transfer as much information as we would have liked.

We will therefore be personally visiting each member in the coming months to get, amongst other things, the following information:
  • Work Area details – down to town/suburb level
  • Work Category / Sub-Category details – this is more challenging as we need to be sure that the member is sufficiently competent in the areas he/she would like to be listed in. We are busy working on a system to address this.
  • Template information – once a member of the public (or fellow member) has found you in the Find-a-Builder module, he/she clicks through to a page on our website about your company. This page will include all company and contact information. It will also have your logo (if applicable), photos of recent completed projects, testimonials from satisfied clients, a short company portfolio, a link to your website (if applicable) and a list of current and completed projects. The interested party can then fill in an enquiry form, which will get emailed to you. You will also then get an sms notifying you that that there has been an email enquiry.
The structure and design of the website and Find-a-Builder module can already accommodate all of this. However, as this is an enormous project from a data capture point of view, we have a structured roll out plan, to ensure that we capture all relevant information this time around.

Please see the website and bi-monthly newsletter for an updates on this.

Gary Amstutz
Commercial and Online Manager


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