Friday, August 28, 2009

Focus on a Member: Lloyds Living

“A house is not a home until you have added your personal signature,” this is the mantra you will find on the Lloyds Living brochure. In 2004, after 20 years of having worked for Nedbank, Natasha Lloyd took the bold decision to flee the corporate comfort zone, and start a business that would allow her to pursue her passion for Design.

Rejuvenation as an alternative to selling, is something Natasha strongly advocates. “A lot of my clients love the location of their home and are happy with 80% of it, my job is to fix the 20% and maximise the existing space,” she tells us with enthusiasm.

In addition to having completed a management development programme, Business Management and Project Management courses, Natasha has on a personal level, been renovating, decorating and altering, all her life.

“Friends and family have let me loose on their projects and while I was still working, I bought sad old houses nobody wanted, gave them a face-lift and sold them as a much improved version of what they once were. I was able to create a new career from doing what I’ve always loved, the job satisfaction is unbelievable”

“Through Lloyds Living, my commitment is to provide the residential market with personal, prompt and effective service, ultimately creating a harmonious atmosphere that is a true expression of individual style.”

The following facets are included in the Lloyds Living Portfolio:

Office Space Planning

Lloyds Living provides a complete professional service, which includes feasibility studies, development planning, project management and turnkey solutions. They specialize in residential and commercial design, including retail, retail refurbishments, office related developments and Hotel and Leisure market. For more information visit

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