Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aki Entertains Members at Meeting

Aki in Action

September 2009, Master Builder KwaZulu-Natal held a members’ meeting which saw 70 people, well and truly entertained. The first of two sessions planned for the evening was a very informative BBBEE presentation, delivered by Tony Kruger of DRG Outsourcing. With the construction industry having its own charter and scorecard, the information that Tony conveyed was tremendously pertinent and specific to our sector.

The main speaker for the evening Aki Kalliatakis, was given a warm round of applause for his excellent presentation "Delight Your Customers." He most certainly delighted all those who were in attendance and while the crux of his message is Client Service, the manner in which he delivers it, is hilariously comical and highly entertaining.

He uses eagles and ducks as an analogy to differentiate between those who aim to please, and those who are naturally unaccommodating. Drawing on personal experience, he relates to several examples while sporadically blurting out, a loud “QUACK QUACK”. If audience retention is the measure to go by, Aki gets a 10 out 10, as a loud “QUACK QUACK,” has quickly become our office mantra for describing poor service.

Snacks and drinks were served in the Atrium with members enjoying the opportunity to chat with Aki and to network amongst each other. The question that he leaves you with is, am I a duck or an eagle? Aki has provided us with a summary of his talk; perhaps it will help you find the answer. Download (PDF)

Ernest Roper

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