Friday, September 11, 2009

Association Origins

Association Images 1901 - 1910

The night of February 1901 was hot and humid when a group of interested building contractors congregated for the inaugural meeting of the proposed Durban Builders Association. It took place in the genteel atmosphere of the Victoria café which was situated on the corner of Pine and Gardner Streets in Durban.

Those present possibly talked about the recent death of Queen Victoria, whose funeral was to be held in far off London the following day. At the time, the South African Anglo Boer War was still raging unabatedly in parts of South Africa.

James Reid, who along with Percy D Ridgeway convened the meeting, was elected to chair it and within the two weeks that followed, was elected the first president of the Association.

Reid was an accomplished visionary and persuaded all those present by means of unanimous vote, to establish the Association. 108 years later, the hand scripted minutes of that first meeting still remains (see picture sequence above), and serves as an elegant reminder of those who came before us.

Look out for the Associations Gallery of Images, the timeline spanning 1901 to present day, soon to feature in the History Menu.

Ernest Roper

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