Friday, September 4, 2009

Focus on a Member: Grinaker-LTA

Bridge City Mall at various stages of construction.

Yesterday afternoon we posted a news article on our website entitled “Bridge City Mall Safety Achievement Milestone” publicizing the Grinaker-LTA/Enza JV excellent accomplishment of having reached the landmark figure of 2 million man-hours worked without a Lost Time Injury (LTI). In today’s blog post we draw attention to what it signifies and how momentous an occasion it truly is.

Total Man-hours is the amount of time those working on a site, have collectively clocked up. Simply put, if 100 individuals work an 8 hour day, the days total would be 800 man-hours worked.

Lost Time Injury (LTI) is when somebody is injured to the extent that they cannot perform their duties, regardless of whether they can fulfil another role. For example if a scaffolding assembler can no longer climb but can operate a front-loader, the contractor still gets penalized for it. The only type of injury that does not get penalized, is when immediately after some basic first aid treatment, the injured party is able to continue unimpeded.

To put into perspective the magnitude of what Grinaker-LTA/Enza JV have achieved, Neels Nortjé past President of the Institute of Safety, and who currently serves on the Minister of Labour's Advisory Council for Occupational Health and Safety, is enthralled with it. He commented that while the 2 million hour LTI mark does occur in industry, to the best of his knowledge, this is a first for the construction sector and shows that it can be done. The bar has been raised.

Ernest Roper
Association Webmaster



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