Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Focus On Staff: John Taylor

Gregory John Taylor - Programmer

Gregory John Taylor, or John as he prefers to be called, did a 3 year National Diploma in EDP in Durban, and has since gained a wealth of experience in both programming and software development. Prior to doing work for the Association, John worked for big UK based Software House specializing in retail software.

Today John is a freelance programmer who currently does our Bespoke Software Development, including Black Box (CRM System) and the Associations payment system. The payment software is required to interact with a number of satellite systems, to control and manage payments.

The John Fact File:

What he likes about working here:
Enjoys the relaxed atmosphere, doesn’t find it too stressful and enjoys the people he works with.

3 fantastic kids, (a set of twins) has been married for more than twenty years to Lesley who he says still loves him.

Has dogs and cats, two of each.

Favourite Music:
Likes a wide variety, favourite Dire Straits.

Favourite sport:
Surfing, still tries to make time for it.

Favourite Pastime:
Spending time with the family.

Something Colleagues don’t know:
John is on the working committee for Giba Gorge environmental project, he tells us that Giba Gorge is home to a number of endangered species and that the project is about upliftment in the area, as well as conservation.
He also serves on the committee for his church and has written articles for computer Magazine “Clarion” which has a readership in 121 Countries.

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