Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Focus on Staff: Neil Enslin

Neil & Rinza

Neil Enslin - Health & Safety Advisor

Neil obtained his National Diploma in Safety Management in 2005 through UNISA and is a registered Occupational Health and Safety Professional with Institute of Safety Management. His role within the Association is that of Occupational Health and Safety Consultant, advising and assisting members on how best to conform to Construction Health and Safety standards. His reason for pursuing a career in safety is that he likes looking out for people; and making a positive contribution to their lives.

Neil enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life and derives tremendous pleasure from helping them to grow. What initially lured him to the Association was the opportunity to work with Neels Nortjé who at the time was President of the Institute of Safety. What frustrates him most is one dimensional thinking and people who are reluctant to take advice from the experts.

The Neil Enslin Fact File:

Marital status:
Unmarried, has been involved with girlfriend Rinza for close on two years now.

Parents are retired and live in Empangeni, also has a younger sister.

Has two dogs, a Dalmatian and a Jack Russell

All-time Favorite Movie:
Braveheart with Mel Gibson

Favourite Music:
Likes “Spirits of the Soul” type music (meditation or relaxation music)

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive, who would it be?
Ben Hogan (Famous Golfer)

Assuming Money isn’t an object, what car would you purchase?
Audi Q5, he says without hesitation.

The most terrifying experience of your life…
As a youngster of about 10 years old, got caught by the fire department starting a fire, punishment was writing an essay of 200 words which had to be handed in to the chief fire officer.

Something work colleagues don’t know:
Reads a lot and is probably a lot more emotional than colleagues would imagine.

Favorite sport:
Enjoys Rugby Cricket and is a very keen golfer, plays off a 7 handicap.

In you are in need of Site Safety Consulting, why not give Neil a call, on 031 266 7070.


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