Monday, October 19, 2009

A Beacon Of Strength

Although nearly 200 years old, Bell Rock Lighthouse in addition to its historical significance, is recognised for the masonry work on which the lighthouse rests. It is still considered a benchmark for excellence in construction and set an exceptionally high standard, for future generations to aspire to.

The lighthouse was built in the early 19th century and is situated on Bell Rock 18 km off the coast of Scotland, it stands 35 meters high and is visible from 55 km inland.

It operated in tandem with the Bell Rock Signal Tower, a shore station at the mouth of Arbroath harbour built in 1813. Today this building houses the Signal Tower Museum, a visitor information centre detailing the rich history the lighthouse enjoys.

The lamps and reflectors were in 1843 replaced with the original equipment being used in the lighthouse at Cape Bonavista Newfoundland, where they are currently on exhibit. The beacon’s internal mechanism have in recent times been automated.

The challenges overcome in the building of the lighthouse along with its resilience against harsh North Sea conditions, have led to its status as a wonder of the industrial world. To this day the masonry aspect has never been replaced or modified.

Michelle Govender
Minute secretary



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