Friday, November 27, 2009

Trish & Grant: Bryanwood Properties CC

Grant & Trish Wood

Grant Wood of Bryanwood Properties CC operates out of the picturesque South Coast village of Umzumbe, 100km south from Durban, near to Port Shepstone.

He is currently busy with his latest development Pumula Woods which consists of eight upmarket holiday homes, each approximately 285 square meters in size.

The units also located in Umzumbe, are fully furnished, and are being sold as wholly owned units or, as fractions of thirteen shares which entitle owners to four weeks per year exclusive usage. To find out more visit

Another exciting project Grant and his wife Trish are involved in is The Umzumbe 2010 Initiative Trust. The trust was established to facilitate an up-market accommodation package on KwaZulu-Natal’s South Coast, aimed at the FIFA World Cup traveling supporters.

To this end, the trustees have created a fully inclusive accommodation package to relieve the potential traveler, of having to cope with the many logistical issues that need to be resolved, before seeing a football a kicked.

The objective is not only to generate a short term revenue boost for the town, but rather to also encourage future tourism revenue, by creating international awareness and putting Umzumbe on the tourism map.

Ernest Roper

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