Friday, November 20, 2009

Website Update, November 2009 has grown exponentially and continues to do so with news articles, blog posts, forum posts and fresh page content, uploaded on a daily basis.
Maintaining our online strategy is an ongoing process, the objective of which is two fold.
  1. To be recognized by the public as South Africa’s No1 authoritative building industry web portal.
  2. To be recognized by the search engines (Google), as South Africa’s No1 authoritative building industry web portal.
These objectives are intertwined. If we reach our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) milestones, public awareness and recognition will as a result follow.

My close working colleague Gary Amstutz and I are both strongly of the belief that Google get behind and support what they deem to be Authoritative Sites which are measured by volume of content pertaining to a specific subject, and the regularity with which new information is uploaded. Once you get to a point where you have the weight of a big site behind you, it seems that information moves higher and quicker up the search lists.

Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal is now beginning to see tangible evidence that our strategy is bearing fruit.

A great example of this is Wednesday's blog post (category: Focus on Staff) entitled John Taylor and the Spotted Shovel-nosed Frog. The Spotted Shovel-nosed Frog needless to say has very little to do with construction, it is however an endangered species to which John gives of his time to assist in protecting. As one would expect there are loads of sites containing information on this particular species, however if on Google you do a search using the term Spotted Shovel-nosed Frog, you will find us second from the top. If you click over to the South African search, we top the list.

As part of the exercise we have been monitoring various search terms with all achieving similar results. If you wish to test us, try a Google search for either Allendale Bridge, Master Builders, Annual Shutdown, to name but a few.

While a committed and ongoing effort is what’s required to maintain momentum, we are exceedingly pleased to have reached a point where our members will now start to realize and enjoy the benefits of it.

Members wanting to feature in “Focus on a Member” please read the criteria here, and contact me at the Association on 031 266 7070.

Ernest Roper

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