Thursday, December 3, 2009

Construction at 40 Essex Terrace

Photograph: Josh Reid

Dear Members and prospective visitors to our Essex Terrace Building:

Please note that construction on Master Builders KwaZulu Natal Essex Terrace premises gets underway on Monday and will continue until 11 December 2009, at which point builders will take off for annual shutdown, returning on 11 January 2010. Upon their return, construction will continue for approximately 5 months thereafter.

It is envisaged that initial construction work will be the most disruptive in terms of access to various parts of the building and noise. We hope that life will slowly return to normal as the contract progresses.

In a recent news article published on Brandon Abdinor (Association Executive Director) made it known that we have resolved to use this construction work, as a platform to provide certain skills transfer and enterprise development opportunities.

Opportunities will probably include:
  1. Contractual training on the JBCC documents. The successful applicant will observe all aspects of the management of the contract relating to the JBCC document, site meetings and matters incidental thereto. The applicant will also be able to attend a formal JBCC training seminar and gain experience on all aspects thereof.
  2. Health and Safety. The successful applicant will observe all the Health and Safety activities relating to this contract and gain an opportunity to become familiar with Health and Safety best practice and legal requirements.
  3. Other technical aspects. There may be opportunities for the successful applicant to gain a degree of skills transfer on various of the construction aspects of the job.
For more information click through to news article Calls for Expression of Interest.

Ernest Roper

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