Monday, December 7, 2009

Green Building, The Darker Side

India Tower Courtesy of

In doing some research on Green Buildings Breaking Boundaries I came across a blog called, which encompasses paragraphs pertaining to the worlds 15 greenest buildings. One of the projects given credence is the India Tower in Mumbai, which upon completion will according to its designers, be the greenest building in the country. informs us that the tower has been criticized for looking more like a stack of misaligned boxes, than an intelligently designed building. The author does however (and rightfully so) commend it for symbolizing much needed environmental awareness in the world’s second most populous country.

What really caught my attention though was that one Abdul Hameed, posted a scathing reply in which he accuses the developers of having used criminal intimidation and strong arm tactics. Hameed’s response was posted on April 26, 2008 at 7:41 am, and makes for real cloak and dagger reading:

“This is in respect to the much vaunted and discussed so called India Tower. I would like to avail of this opportunity to brief readers, pertaining to a brief background of the area, where the proposed tower is supposed to be built. Though contruction may have commenced , there are still some residential pockets existing who have not signed any agreement with Neelkamal or Balwas-Dynamix( developers); for handing of the their premises. There are still legal petitions pending in court , in respect to the area, which hitherto has been known as Diamond Jubilee Compound.

The Developers namely Salim Balwa, Adil Patel and Nabil Patel have mislead and duped the people of the above mentioned compound in acquiring the premises. They had promised to build an Educational institution , whereas in reality their intentions were in stark contrast to their professed statements . Balwas and Patel of Neelkamal have used professional ruffians(goondas) to get the land evicted of bonafide tenants, who had been residing in the area, for nearly 5 generations. They used criminal intimidation and strong arm tactics to get the land evicted of tentants. Both developers(Balwas and Neelkamal) time and again flaunted their political connections, in order to intimidate and subdue any opposition to their nefarious agenda.

They time and again cited their affinity to Sharad Pawar and Vinod Goenka to force people to comply . I was a resident of the said compound, but was compelled to vacate, much against my wishes as Salim Balwas and Nabil Patel used criminal intimdation against my family members, incuding ladies , to make me comply. Till date i havent signed any agreement with the Developers , pertaining to handing over of my premises and i am pursuing the matter through legal petitions in the courts. Readers please bear in mind that these Developers are no businessmen, but crooks and cronies of certain politicians of the worst order. Though ostensibly the Develepors are using the title of ‘Suresh Estate Pvt. LTD’ in reality it is Neelkamal and Balwas which is running the show.

The above mentioned property also falls under the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai as it is ‘waqf land meaning land which has been gifted to local muslims by the Muslim Trust of Nakhuda Rogay Trust. Also, it should be noted that these developers have exaggerated the caret areas of residential pockets in the above mentioned compound, in order to additional F.S.I., which is in direct contravention of established muncipal laws. in the deed of conveyance as signed between Suresh Estates and Neelkamal , Dymamix Balwas groups, the later have grossly inflated and maipulated the available carpet area. for eg: with respect to Baakzaa House which occupied 4500 sq. feet carpet, in the deed of conveyance the above mentioned builders nee croosk, have mentioned an area of 9500 sq feet.

Apart from this gross cheating and blatant manipulation, they had the temerity to submit totally bogus rent receipts and electricy bills of Baakza House, which will be presented for legal scrutiny as and when the time comes. We have sent e-mails in this connection to all reputed builders and government agencies in Maharashtra, so that they may be aware of the true colors of such developers of ill-repute, who are nothing but the scum of this earth.”

Wow Heavy Stuff ………..

Ernest Roper


Unknown said...

Boss you are totally right

we are facing the same problem at 58/B Rangwala Compound at Satrasta

Anonymous said...

The comments placed by Hameed against DB realty are bogus, obviously they were illegal tenants living in a plot that didn't belong to them. 5 generations or not, they lived on land they didn't own. This is very common in Mumbai and only way to evict is forceful eviction. Mumbai has clear land laws, he should pursue the courts and if he is truthful he should win the case. Obviously since he's an illegal, he can't win the case.

DB realty has done alot for Mumbai in terms in innovation and development. Please don't taint their images unjustly.

Anonymous said...

Same Problem we face too. we don't mind handing over the property but they should pay us enough to get a new house but they are not willing.
What can be done in this case?

they are making life difficult.

if you have solution then reply at the earliest