Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Member Publicly Praised for Excellent Work

Rina & Thomas of East Coast Kitchens

While working on the Find-a-builder process I came across the following snippet that was originally published in the letter section of one of the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast based newspapers.

“Reading the local newspapers letters, columns, on a regular basis it seems to appear that the majority of readers always seem to be caught or swindled when having repairs or services done by local contractors. It is also very difficult to know who you are dealing with as all the con artists and chancers usually fill the different publications with rosy promises and undertakings that defy the imagination. Only once the work is undertaken and usually or always great deposits paid, the unsuspecting person gets caught by these chancers and this almost always ends in great heartache and financial losses being suffered, mostly by people who can ill afford this. Wouldn't it be great if a list could be compiled and made available to prospective customers of defaulty and shady contractors as well as those that come recommended by happy customers?

I, myself have just completed a project for a new residence with all the usual headaches and mistakes made by many before me. Through all of this I at least had the privilege of dealing with one contractor that I can recommend without reservations to any prospective customer with an open heart. Tommy and Rina of EAST COAST KITCHENS have really bucked the trend and got me to the point of writing this letter. Having done my kitchen cupboards, built-in cupboards as well as various wooden self designed interior decorating pieces, they really went the extra proverbial mile and surprised me with their honesty, accommodating nature and quality of service and workmanship. I would like to publicly thank them for their excellent service and hope that their business goes from strength to strength.G. Willemse Sea Park”

It’s always fantastic to see Association members receiving positive publicity, well done to Thomas Rina, and the team at East Coast Kitchens.

Ernest Roper

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