Friday, February 19, 2010

Mr. W.A.H (Aubrey) Short: Legend

Mr. W.A.H Short: top left

Past President Mr. W.A.H (Aubrey) Short, was kind enough to visit our offices this morning to assist with information required for a project I have been working on for some time, soon to feature on the history pages of masterbuilders.

Aubrey is one of those exceedingly interesting characters you meet in life who has enjoyed his successes and given much back to the industry.

As a young man he qualified in Quantity Surveying and saw active service in the Airforce in World War II. With his brother Wallace, the family firm Short and McDonald became pioneers and proponents of Industrialised Building Systems.

Aubrey served as President of the Association during 1970 and 1971 and received an Honorary Membership of the Natal Association. Since his retirement he has been active as an Arbitrator and to this day remains an Association Stalwart.

His many accomplishments include:
  • Past President - Natal Master Builders Association
  • Honorary Member -Natal Master Builders and Allied Industries Association
  • Past Member of the Executive of the S.A. Building Industries Federation
  • Past Chairman of the S.A. Building Industries Recruitment and Training Fund
  • Past President of the S.A. Industrialised Builders and Component Manufacturers Association
  • Past Member of the National Building Research Institute of C.S.I.R.
  • Past Member of the Building Industries National Development Fund
  • Past Regional Director of Natal Building Society
  • Past Chairman - L.C. Johnson Technical College
  • Past Member of the Natal Training College
  • Past Vice Chairman of Pinetown Technical College
  • Associate Member of the S.A. Association of Arbitrators
  • Consultant to the Consumer Council
  • Past Chairman - Highway Aged Council – Pinetown
  • Past Chairman - Pinehaven Society – Pinetown
  • Member of: Morton Hall Board and of Doone Village Board
  • Past Chairman - Durban Round Table No. 2
  • Past Chairman - Rotary Club of Pinetown
  • Past District Governor - District 9270 Rotary International
  • Past Member of 1992 Council on Legislation - Rotary International
  • Past Chairman - National War Memorial Health Foundation
  • Past Chairman - Bellhaven Society
  • Chairman - Rotary in Africa. Magazine for Southern Africa
A Living Legend Indeed !!!

Ernest Roper

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