Friday, February 10, 2012

Think Before Doing

Sometime ago I was on a site belonging to one of the bigger contractors who have over the years entered and won, many Occupational Health and Safety competitions. The organisation I refer to has an excellent safety record and is extremely proactive, when it comes to safety training.

On the day that I was there, they had brought in an outside safety specialist to lecture staff on height safety and gathered around a number of labourers to listen and learn from him. The training took place on the roof of the five storey structure and it has to be said that the lecturer was extremely enthusiastic, as well as energetic.

With the aid of a harness line hooked up to a crane above, he described in great detail using both English and Zulu, how a harness should be fitted and attached. He explained with immense gusto how if you got it wrong, you could fall, swing, bang your head and go home in a pine box.

The trainer was exceptionally good and did a superb job of holding audience attention and if I were to rate him, I would have given him ten out ten.

About fifteen minutes after he had left; I was standing on the top level talking to the company safety officer when we heard a banging sound, coming from below the edge. When we looked over the side, there was a gentleman, several floors above ground, banging together scaffolding without wearing any safety gear at all, other than his hardhat.

Needless to say, the safety officer stripped his you know what and the man at fault was immediately instructed to disembark. It then also became evident that he was among those who had just attended training. What this incident made me realise is that even with all the safety induction in the world, there will always be people around who just don’t think before doing.

Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban


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