Friday, March 26, 2010

Please Don't Fall For It

It’s been week in which three e-mail/sms type scams have, in one way or another, come to my attention. They say to be forewarned is to be forearmed; I share this information with you in the hope that it prevents somebody from becoming a victim.

A colleague received an e-mail allegedly from SARS informing him of a rebate he was supposedly due for the amount R642, 00. Since the sum was reasonably small and the e-mail looked very legitimate, he considered for a moment that he had in fact come into some money. The branding looked real enough and carried a link to a very official looking SARS website, at .org NOT It also didn’t have any form of reference number which is very unlike SARS.

My better half received an SMS telling her that as a loyal Nokia customer, she had been entered into a competition and had won a R150 000 prize. The Nokia website warns of the scam, and makes it known that they are not in the habit of giving away money. Their article makes for interesting reading and in fact makes mention of an I.P. address traced to Nigeria.

The other day I received e-mail notification that some person in the UK I didn’t know existed, had left me a large sum of money and hence the necessary arrangements now needed to be made. In the last three or so years I have been subjected to several variations of this, which means that I either have a huge, exceedingly wealthy, extremely unhealthy, overseas based family who all want me to inherit their money or, it’s a scam, I’m guessing the latter.

If it’s too good to be true it probably is!
Be Very careful who you give your bank details to!

PS. There is no such thing as the internet lottery.

Ernest Roper


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