Monday, April 19, 2010

SABS Approved Green Friendly Plumbing Solutions

On Friday afternoon the Association attended a product launch at the Serbco Durban premises where we were introduced to their impressive range of green friendly plumbing solutions.

They had invited various industry stakeholders to celebrate with them, the handing over of their SABS certificate, and to allow for the opportunity to demonstrate the usability and durability of their innovative product spread.

They have a number of green friendly products on offer; however the one that stands out is a type of plastic piping which essentially serves as a cost effective alternative to copper piping. Using a specially designed heat tool, they gave a demonstration on how easy it is to create joints in it, and then demonstrated its strength by putting it in a vice and allowing us to try and break it.

They believe their product is superior to anything of its kind currently or previously on the market, and they back it up with various guarantees. On the face of it, it looks to be a superb product. For further information or to arrange a demonstration, contact Daniel on 031 569 5800.

Ernest Roper

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