Monday, April 12, 2010

Treat It As Though You Are Paying For It.

I am amazed at the seemingly negative attitude that some members have towards our Find A Builder Programme. Perhaps when you are giving away something for free, the natural assumption is it has no value.

I have had several scheduled appointments where upon my arrival, I have discovered that the member had either completely forgotten about it, or they expected me and didn’t bother with any of the prep work. By that I mean having a company profile, 5 jpg images and a company logo ready and waiting.

There are various on-line directories pertaining to other sectors such as the hospitality industry, health spas, adventure activity and many more that are serving the same purpose for their respective industries, as is doing for ours. The difference being that many of them charge a monthly subscription fee upward of R300 per month for the privilege.

Ours is a FREE service we are providing to members, all we ask in return is that you please treat the process as though you were paying for it.

Ernest Roper


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