Friday, July 9, 2010

Committed To The Brand

I was once privy to a conversation relating to vehicle branding in which a gentleman, who was vehemently apposed to removable magnetic car advertising strips, stated the following:

“In a breakfast of bacon eggs it’s the pig that is committed, not the chicken”

He said this to express his view that the manner in which you display your brand directly reflects on how you operate as an organization. By removing magnetic strips from the vehicle after hours, the message is sent that there exists a 9 to 5 mindset.

It also looks cheap and nasty creating the impression that whoever’s branding it displays, either operates on the cheap or does things halfheartedly. This particular gentleman believed it to be far more effective to vehicle wrap a car from top to bottom, thus telling the world that you are in it for the long ride.

We re-launched our own brand just over a year ago and as organizations go we are extremely brand proud. After having placed a lot of thought into the design of it, we have just brought out our new range of branded clothing. With this in mind we got a bunch of good looking Hollywood model types to pose for a photograph, sporting our golf shirt range.

Ernest Roper


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