Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flood Victims Thank Association Member

We recently ran a news article covering the sterling work Stewcon Construction carried out on behalf of the people of Club Marina who had lost their homes when the Ifafa River flooded. The following is a letters of thanks from those whose lives were affected by the Stewcon Initiative.

"Sometimes we take for granted the everyday things that happen around us, never stopping to think that maybe, just maybe this particular event is happening for a reason.
Why? Because we are safe and snug in our own lives.

Then the 17th June 2008 arrived and the Ifafa River showed us what power water has.

It showed us that we must not take life for granted. The Ifafa River showed us that we were living in its path, and left us feeling insecure, undecided and unsafe.

Then Club Marina Directors swopped our river sites for a site up on “ The Hill “ we now had a Dream. A Dream to have a home away from the wrath of the Ifafa, a dream to be safe, secure and snug once more.

Wentzel we believe that you were sent to Club Marina to revamp Cindy`s home, and to become friends with the people of Club Marina. You never hesitated when you heard of our predicament, but loaded your Bakkie with spades,mops,clothes and wheelbarrows and delivered them to us.

Then you came along and helped our dreams come true, you gave us affordable Quotes, brought Graham along with your working crew and started building our Dream up on “The Hill”.

We, that chose to relocate Thank You Wentzel and Graham not forgetting Chappie who will replace Graham next year, for your Time, Knowledge and Patience that has been so generously spent building our Dreams.

We enjoy your company and the odd cup of coffee together, but most of all, Wentzel, we believe that you, Wentzel were sent to Club Marina for a reason.

Wentzel, without your Quotes, Time, Patience and Knowledge, many of us, who chose to relocate to higher ground on the Hill, would have had no option but live again in the Flood Line, feeling unsafe and insecure.
So, we would like you to know that all that has been done for us is truly appreciated."

From: Club Marina
Flood Victims, on the Hill


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