Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Infamous Anti-Chain Letter

Despite having recently uploaded a blog post titled “10 People Who Think you’re a Moron,” I recently received a chain mail of sorts from several of my colleagues who had hoped to receive a free Blackberry smartphone (within 24 hours) for their efforts. It is always a somewhat amusing contradiction, when the sender of chain letter is compelled to begin with: “I’m not superstitious but…” Who are they kidding!

Next time you are sent a mail suggesting that you are to be rewarded in some or other way by forwarding it on to 10 or more people, I recommend you return the favour by sending them the infamous (which is to say, not famous) Anti-Chain Letter!

The Infamous Anti-Chain Letter

Within one hour of receiving this letter, pass this letter on to absolutely nobody. Show your friends that you are really a true friend by not passing this letter on to them! If you don't pass the letter on within one hour, good fortune will come your way. If you don't pass the letter on within 24 hours, true love will come your way! If you never pass on this letter, you will find true love and you will be granted one wish! No lie!

However, if you do pass on the Anti-Chain letter, "you will be cursed for eternity and you will not have any love in your life whatsoever."…Well, not really, but you'll be cursed with the guilt of having passed on a self-defeating chain letter! So take that! It's your choice. True love, or guilt. . . Make The Right Decision.

Edith Holt Reports:

"I receive anti-chain letters all the time, but this time I decided, 'what the heck?' and instead of passing it on to all my friends, as I usually do, I decided to NOT pass on the anti-chain letter! Guess what happened? I won the lottery! This was really weird, especially because I had not actually bought a lottery ticket."

Aaron "Eh?" Holt wrote:

"I did not receive the anti-chain letter, but passed it on anyway. How I regret the day that I passed it on! Not only do I live with the guilt of passing it on - just as the letter predicted! - I also have utterly failed to find true love! Also my grandmother, Edith, was struck by lightning soon afterward."

Napolean Bonaparte wrote:

"Ma tortue a pris fue et je n'ai pas de pantalon!"

(translated into English)
"I passed on the anti-chain letter, and my invasion of Russia failed."

Pass it on at your Peril!

Ernest Roper

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Anonymous said...

Great article.
I tried it by not passing the anti chain letter on and it works - some chap from Nigeria is prepared to give me $20,000,000 and all I got to do is supply him with my bank details. Certainly works :)