Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inconsiderate Builders Be Damned

About ten or so meters away from my patio, just beyond the perimeter fence of the gated estate I live on, a construction project is underway. I live in a row of about ten houses along an embankment, all overlooking the aforementioned building site and all have had endure a total lack of consideration on the part of the builder.

The contractor responsible has absolutely no regard for the well-being of the families staying in those homes and feels less to operate to all hours of the night and all day Saturday and Sunday. Instead of engaging with residents and coming to an amicable solution, it would appear that his preferred Modus operandi is to get confrontational when challenged on it.

Regrettably he is not a member of the Association and perhaps the reason is he is aware that we don’t tolerate our members operating in this manner. All members of the Association subscribe to a code of conduct and if in breach, the Association holds them accountable.

My advice to anybody who finds themselves in this situation is to first talk to the contractor in attempt to resolve it amicably. Failing that, by doing a search on determine whether they are a member of the Association and if so, contact us. In the event that they are not a member, an alternative option is to contact your local council; you may be very pleasantly surprised at how effective this can prove.

Ernest Roper


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