Monday, August 23, 2010

Ineffective, Self Serving and Unworthy

Judging by the appalling behaviour of many of those entrusted to educate; it is not too surprising that our national matric pass rate is best described as dismal.

Stats released much earlier in the year by the The Centre for Education Policy Development (CEPD) show that of the 1 550 790 pupils who entered the system in 1998, only 551 940 made it to Grade 12 (matric) and wrote the final exam last year.

Of the 500 000 or so matrics who wrote the 2009 exam, 217 331 failed, representing a failure rate of 39.4 percent. When taking into account the 998 850 pupils who got lost in the system during those 12 years, the figure then goes from dismal to disgraceful.

How monumentally ineffective is our education system, when more than 80% of those who enter into it, are unable to complete the journey?

While giving into their demands may well be the quick fix solution that Union Sadtu is gambling on, (referring to the additional 1.6 % that striking teachers are currently holding out for) history will be fated to repeat itself, probably around this time next year.

The stats provided make it abundantly clear that we are cursed with too many teachers who are ineffective, self serving and unworthy of their noble profession. Our education system is way past due for an overhaul, it’s time to rid us of the riff raff and reward those who are dedicated.

Ernest Roper


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