Friday, August 27, 2010

Peace Is Restored

On Wednesday I told the story of a building going up in close proximity to a row of houses on the other side of a perimeter fence belonging to a gated estate. The builder in question is not member of the Association and is prone to starting at 6am, likes to shutdown as late as possible and operates seven days a week.

As you can imagine, those who live on the ridge overlooking this development (myself included) got to a stage where we’d absolutely had enough, boiling point was when a concrete slab was poured all throughout a Monday night at noise levels that were unbearable beyond reason.

The neighbourhood was in a bit of an uproar with people threatening to report it to the council, phone the police, send around the building inspectors and anybody else they could think of. To me the solution was a lot simpler, speak to the builder, explain the situation to him and ask him nicely to consider his neighbours, in other words to reason with him.

I went to his home, knocked on the door and was greeted with aggression; this incidentally from a man who also lives on the same estate, albeit a long way from the noise.

When giving feedback regarding his attitude to the other residents, the general consensus was that we were never going to be able to reason with him and one particular lady was adamant, that she would be reporting him to the council the following morning.

Since then, normal working hours have been adhered to and rather than to the sound of incessant banging, I have of late woken up to the sound of my alarm and after 5pm, a peaceful sundowner on the patio can again be enjoyed.

My thoughts ….

The builder was silly. If he had just engaged with residents and forewarned them of the pouring of concrete, tried to be less noisy on Sundays, and perhaps showed some concern for their well being, I’m sure a middle ground solution would have been arrived at.

In terms of the by-laws, the restrictions placed on him by the council are probably far more severe, than those that the residents would have.

Ernest Roper

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