Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Criminals Resorting To Technology

Jana Botha of the Middelburg Observer reports that a number of incidents occurred at the Ultra City near that town where valuable goods went missing from parked and locked motor vehicles without any evidence of forced entry. Victims were perplexed how valuables went missing from vehicles without windows or doorlocks broken. It was generally believed that somebody was hiding unseen besides the vehicle and lifting the door handles when the doors were locked.

Victims could not comprehend how valuables like mobile phones and cameras could vanish into thin air when there was no sign of criminal activity. Because there was no evidence of forced entry into the vehicles, insurance claims could not be entertained.

The riddle was solved by two readers of the Middelburg Observer who had read about the incidents and who had contacted the newspaper with an offer to give a demonstration of how it was done. Local inhabitants Willie Smit and Herman Pelser arranged a demonstration at the offices of the Obsever.

Smit and Pelser astounded those present at the demonstration by proving that the immobilisers of most vehicles could be neutralised 90% of the time by the use of a remote control for an electronic gate. All that had to be done was to suppress the button on the remote control to neutalise the immobiliser device of the parked vehicle. The driver and passengers of targetted vehicles frequently walk away from the vehicle without realising that the immobiliser mechanism was inoperative.

Drivers and passengers of vehicles parked at places where there are suspicious persons are lurking around are urged to always check that the doors of the vehicle are locked before leaving the vehlcle unattended.

Pieter Rautenbach


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