Monday, September 20, 2010

Who Are These COSAS Anyway ?

Following in the wake of the public sector strike, Congress of South African Students (COSAS) have made a much publicised demand for a 25% matric mark handout. This to compensate for time lost while teachers were out toi toing.

While driving down to our South Coast office earlier in the day, I was listening to an interview on SAFM with a studio guest representing COSAS. He essentially spewed out the same rhetoric we heard all throughout last week so the dialog wasn’t particularly informative. It did however take a far more interesting turn when they opened their lines to callers, many of whom were a tad irate.

Of all the callers that got through prior to me arriving at my destination, not one person was in favour of it. A particular gentleman wanted to know “who are these COSAS anyway”, stating that they are not a democratically elected body and therefore have no legitimate claim to representing the broader public. He further stated that they have no right to lobby for policy implementation, which negatively impacts on the education of his child.

The level of enthusiasm at our Youth in Construction Day was extremely encouraging. There were plenty of young enquiring minds eager to learn with many contributing by way of intelligent observation and enquiries. Learners displayed an immense willingness to do what it takes to achieve, I don’t recall any of the 3500 attendees demanding handouts.

There is every indication that the 25% demand is being driven by students who perpetually fail and therefore sadly have nothing to lose. If Congress of South African Students wants government to take them seriously, perhaps they should rein in on unrealistic and ludicrous demands.

Ernest Roper

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