Monday, November 8, 2010

Blogging Is Effective, Ask Julius !!!

About two weeks ago a photocopy of a letter to Business Day titled “Must I sacrifice my time to write a blog for work?” found its way onto my desk and whoever put it there, did not have the courage of their convictions to hand it to me personally and enlighten me with their opinion.


As somebody who has been involved in several online projects over the last five years and having experienced the benefits of blogging first hand, I am more than willing to argue this point.

The letter is from somebody who would have us believe that they work for a fortune 25 IT company and is disgruntled because they are expected to contribute to a company Blog. Somebody named Lucy Kellaway replies by stating that social networking has become the number one way for senior management to waste time, and that until the craze dies, there is little choice but to toe the line.

What a lot of twaddle!!!!

Anyway one should never take these things too seriously, whatever you do in life you will always have your critics. What cast my mind back to it this morning believe it or not was Julius Malema and his supposed gripe with Google.

Blog / Blogger is a Google product and Google with respect to search criteria, prioritise their own products and index them exceedingly quickly. Julius is reportedly uptight because when one Googles Julius Malema, loads of information comes up that doesn’t necessarily paint him in a wonderful light. Topping the search results ahead of Wikipedia, is a blog dedicated to the escapades of Malema, a perfect example of how effective blogging can be.

A company blog that carries industry pertinent information that gets updated regularly will get indexed quickly and those who find your blog through a Google search, will soon find your company via back links to your website. It takes time, patience and consistent posting however using Google Analytics; you can measure your on-line traffic down to the very last click through. Unlike most off-line marketing endeavors, it is 100% measurable and stats do tend to silence critics.

Ernest Roper
Blogger :)

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