Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Find A Builder Template Update

"Uppink Lodge", By Dicks Construction CC

Over the last couple of weeks, the same request with regard to our findabuilder.co.za page template, came through from two different members. Both parties, Shospec and Dicks Construction CC, wanted their web pages updated with fairly lengthy content.

The challenge however was, that the template was initially designed to only accommodate 3000 characters and up to six images. From our side it was quite encouraging to learn that there are members who see a need for greater exposure in terms of aligning themselves with the Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal brand, we therefore happily obliged.

The new template can accommodate up to twelve images, and up to 10 000 thousand characters. On our side we have also included an HTML editor which makes it much easier to include tables, and other MS Word doc type options and layouts.

For a peak at our new improved lengthier findabuilder.co.za template, visit the following two web pages:

Shospec Shopfitting Specialist
Dicks Construction CC

Ernest Roper | Webmaster



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