Monday, December 6, 2010

South Coast Year-end Function

The Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal South Coast year-end function took place on Saturday 27 November. The weather was absolutely perfect for a fun-filled day where water sports, boats and Jet Ski’s were the main attraction. There were three boats on hand with tubes and skis in tow; a jet ski was also made available.

People of all ages participated and some of the more adventurous ladies in the group who weren’t afraid of getting wet, opted for high speed rides on tubes, pulled behind speed-boats with unrelenting horsepower.

The day went by quickly and delicious lamb spit lunch prepared by Top Marx was served at 14.00. Flavours hung in the air from early in the day making everybody hungry and the saying goes “ honger maak die beste kok”.

It has become tradition at our year-end function to present a floating trophy for the most active member in the region and this year it was awarded to Thys Blom of Plankonsult, for assisting me in compiling an extensive property evaluation which aided our Executive Committee in making an informed decision on which property to purchase for our new premises.

Members who contributed included Ray Basson who organized a huge tent and erected it at the rivers edge. Thys, Ray and Sanjy were responsible for the boats and jetski that kept us all entertained, Marcus donated wine. A special “Thank You” to them without whom the day would not have been the success it was.

Lastly, thanks to all who shared this memorable day with us.

Hans Stols | South Coast Regional Manager



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