Wednesday, February 2, 2011

360° Tour of Westville Conference Facilities

Our Westville Premises - Conference Venue

They say a picture paints a thousand words which is why when advertising, regardless of whether you are using online or print media, the quality of the graphic is without doubt the most crucial element. When Mercedes for example go public with images of the latest CLK sports model, they don’t run with the ones taken by the sales rep using his smartphone; they employ top agencies to convey the right message of elegance, class and luxury.

Something that has been around for a while that high-end property agents seem to have taken a particular liking to, is 360 degree virtual tours. It’s when you click on an online image and by merely moving the mouse; you are able to view the property as though you were standing on it.

We are in the process of uploading virtual tours on our website in order to give interested parties, as life like a view as possible of our very affordable conference facilities, housed at our Westville premises. Thus far we have only uploaded the imagery for the boardroom and expect to have the others up by the end of the week.

I have to say, it is extremely effective, click here to have a look.

Ernest Roper


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Unknown said...

Hi Erns great post !! you have a very good and natural way of writing articles. Happy to see the 360 virtual tours are coming together.

Hope to see all of them soon.