Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Building Industry News and Views

When I log into Constant Contact, the online mail program we use for creating and sending out our bi-weekly newsletter, the default screen immediately informs us of the open rate achieved from the previous mail shot.

To be perfectly honest, for a long period back in the early days, the stats left me feeling quite depressed and somewhat unenthusiastic. However, as is generally the case with web type projects these things take time and patience, then they snowball.

These days the numbers quite excite me as our readership has shot through the roof and our open rate, is significantly higher than the Constant Contact average. Building Industry News and Views Edition 45 went out this morning and we wait with eager anticipation, to see if we achieve yet another record.

For those who may not be familiar, it contains articles of interest written by subject matter specialists. Should you wish to subscribe, visit and look for the subscribe tab down the left hand column. Should you be looking for previous editions, navigate to the News and Information page.

Ernest Roper

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