Friday, March 4, 2011

The Lighter Side of Twitter

Keeping in mind that you can get all Association and building industry news and views on, today rather than touching on Industry related matters we take a somewhat humorous look at tweets and Twitter.

Those who read Wednesday’s post will recall that I strongly advocate Twitter as a means of keeping up with breaking news, I dare say that if you are following the right networks, you will be among the first to know.

The other side of it is that there are people out there who are extremely talented at being funny in fewer than 140 characters. These are some of the more light-hearted tweets I have seen come through in recent days.

Last time Holland beat SA at cricket, Van Riebeeck bowled "Harry die strandloper" over with some bling. Cheat!

Laduma Ngxokolo’s range of super cool post-circumcision knitwear – is priced at a snip

My girlfriend asked who Wynie Strydom is. I said Wynie is to rugby world what Kardashians are to acting world. No one knows why they on TV

Gaddafi is about to make a speech put aside at least 90 minutes

At Plaka with friend Lesa .. She is upset because her boyfriend is at U2, I keep humming with or without you, is that insensitive?

Rumour is Gaddafi is looking to buy Black Aces strikers; he needs people who know how to shoot into a crowd

Why isn’t Mugabe playing cricket for Zim, If there is anybody who knows how NOT to get out, its him

Vuyo_Nova tweets he is reading the Gibbs book for the 8th time. Why Vuyo Why! If you only have the one we will happily pass the hat around.

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