Monday, March 14, 2011

Think Before You Click

In an ongoing effort to combat the rubbish emails which are sent to everyone (Spam, Phishing, Virus, Hoax etc), we have provided some pointers on how to recognise these. Please note that by simply clicking on a link within an email, you could immediately put your entire company at risk, one needs to think carefully before simply clicking.

Firstly, emails need to be noted by their sender and email address. 90% of scams come from strange people you don’t even know and what’s more, the email addresses don’t correspond to the person sending! If you get mail from an unknown source, following any instruction within the mail is extremely high risk.

Secondly, if it is a threatening email or one which tells you that you have won free stuff e.g. mailbox is full; an amount of money owed by you; Lottery winner, business proposal etc, note where it originated from. If it looks like a hoax or has links in the body of the email, delete immediately. Also, don’t allow the initial excitement of having won something to get the better of you (when in 99.999% or the time, you have not entered the competition!) If you really have won something, somebody will phone you.

Thirdly and most important, some emails appear incredibly legitimate. NEVER ever give your private details to anyone and always make sure that links within emails are legitimate. You can tell by hovering your mouse over it, after a second, it will reveal the website that it leads you to. Keep in mind it is nothing more than a link and what’s written there, is there to entice you.

Always proceed with caution.

Craig Allsopp


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